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Samsung Galaxy A14 5G vs Galaxy A12 - Which one is better?

Posted by Suzan Goodman on March 17, 2023 Suzan Goodman

The value proposition of Samsung's Galaxy A14 5G has been a big hit. Let's compare the Galaxy A14 5G vs Galaxy A12.

The Galaxy A12 and Galaxy A14 5G are the most popular budget smartphones. The Galaxy A14 5G, which was launched in January 2023, is the most recent release. It comes with several upgrades, including 5G connectivity and more recent software. It also has a low MSRP, but that may not be as important since the A12 is only two years old and can still be purchased at discounted prices. Let's compare the Samsung Galaxy A14 5G and Galaxy A12 to find out which one is a better buy at the given price.

The Samsung Galaxy A14 5G, which has 5G connectivity support and better specifications, is the more advanced of the two devices in this comparison. The Galaxy A12 is an older device that is often on sale.

The Samsung Galaxy A14 5G comes with either the JN1 sensor, or the SK Hynix hi-5022.You can take high-quality images depending upon the amount of light in the area when you pair it with the default Samsung camera application. Low-light performance can be poor and color accuracy can be inconsistent.

The Samsung Galaxy A12 is a solid camera choice. It features a 48MP main sensor that can capture photos in good lighting conditions with a wide dynamic range. The A12 may have the best camera you can find on a budget device. Although it doesn't compete with flagships of higher price, it does the job. It also has an ultrawide sensor, which is not the same as the A14 5G, but it does not provide as high-quality images.

The A14 5G is almost identical to the A12 in terms of battery capacity and charging technology. Both are equipped with non-removable, 5,000mAh batteries that can be charged at a maximum speed of 15W. You will need patience as this is not a fast charging rate for such a large battery capacity. The large battery size combined with the efficiency of display technology and processor mean that you can get up two days of light to moderate usage. Wireless charging is not available on either device.

There are many price points available for the Galaxy A14 5G or A12.The Galaxy A14 5G and A12 have different price points. Both the A14 5G as well as A12 have expandable memory of up to 1TB via microSD. You will pay more for the RAM if you choose to upgrade from the base model. You would experience minimal performance differences with both the MediaTek processors.

The Samsung Galaxy A-series has been a great value since its inception. You can get a device that meets all the requirements for a smartphone with A12. For $179.99 and less, you can buy one. The A14 5G is $20 less, but you get a lot more value. It's the device we consider to be the best buy.

The A14 offers a more complete and smoother user experience for the price. The A14 5G is a smarter purchase because it has three key features: a faster processor (MediaTek Dimensity 700, Exynos 1330), an easier-to-use display (90Hz 1080x240808), and the most recent operating system software (Android 13.The device was recently introduced and Samsung claims it will receive at least two Android OS updates and four years of security patch. The A14 5G will have a longer lifespan than the A12. This is due to the combination of hardware upgrades and the promise. This is a small price to pay for the extra longevity.

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