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Pixel 8 Pro will have a screen that is less curved and has rounded corners than the Pixel 7 Pro.

Posted by Dmitrios Predas on March 17, 2023 Dmitrios Predas

Today, a bunch of comparison photos were released. Today, we got our first look at some CAD-based renderings of the Pixel 8 Pro.

Yesterday, we saw leaked CAD-based renderings of the Pixel 8 Pro. These renders gave us our first glimpse at the upcoming flagship Google phone that will launch in October. Today, the same source has a bunch more raw CAD shots. They compare the Pixel 8 Pro's screen with its predecessor, last year's Pixel 7 Pro, and the Pixel 8's to last year's Pixel 7.

As you can see, the Pixel 8 Pro's display is less curvy around its edges. It will have corners that are more rounded. This could result in a more comfortable handset than the Pixel 7 Pro.

In recent years, Samsung has chosen to have its Ultras with less curving edges. It appears that Google is following the Korean company's lead in this regard. This is not surprising, considering that Samsung is expected supply the Pixel 8 Pro's display panel.

Please note that the rounded corners comparison shots are not bezels. These are raw CAD images that are not meant to show anything like that. Don't worry, the Pixel 8 or Pixel 8 Pro won’t have large, unsightly bezels. These will not be trendy again, I hope.

The corners of the Pixel 8's screen will be rounded like those of the Pixel 8 Pro, so it will also have a less boxy appearance than its predecessor. The non-Pro flagship Pixel will keep the flat screen.

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I feel the exact same. I have an S22 plus, and the round corners sometimes really irritate me when they cut out content. Full screen pictures are always cut out in corners. But, it's not as bad...

Last year, Xiaomi paid $128 to purchase SD8+g1.Do the math. All units of 7/7 Pro and the upcoming 7a. Perhaps the tablet will be included. Google can easily save over $600 million. Google's phone business is worth over $600 million.

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