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Brooks Koepka a major winner again

Brooks Koepka a major winner again

Brooks Koepka has become a major winner again, 12 months after his career's lowest point. Two things changed for him to reach the top of the hill again - he became healthy and he joined LIV Golf.

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In an episode almost exclusively dedicated to Koepka, we got a detailed look at his last months on PGA Tour, a failed cut at the Masters 2022, and his decision to break with golf's traditions and join the controversial LIV Golf league.

It was a portrait of a fallen giant. Koepka became the dominant force in big-game golf between 2017 and 2019. Koepka was at his best when the lights were brightest.

Koepka was then injured with debilitating injuries to his knees, which made it difficult for him to walk, much less swing a club. This man, whose identity was forged through effortless dominance - a pure athlete bullying an apolitical sport - suddenly could not dominate.

This was the Koepka that we saw in Full Swing. He was downtrodden and lost, coming to terms a new reality that he never imagined. One Koepka quotation was the most important one. "I can't keep up with these guys, week in and week out".

The conventional wisdom was that by switching from the PGA Tour to LIV, where there are no cuts during events, money is guaranteed, and there is very little risk of losing one's place, the competitive juices would start to dry up. This would leave these players with less practice and a disadvantage in the majors.

This may be true for some players. For most of the guys who made the switch, it's the exact opposite. It appears from the outside that taking a break from the week-to week scrap has served to keep the battery charged for those that matter. Koepka, at the top of this list, is one of them.

He has spent his entire career saying that the majors are all that matters to him. He's now in a position where he has the opportunity to prove it. He can travel around the globe and play practice rounds, keeping his mind fresh for weeks that matter.

You could also make the same argument about Bryson DeChambeau who, despite being a non-show at LIV tournaments, played brilliantly to finish T4 at Oak Hill last week.

Norman and Co will have to use this as a selling point in the future. There is no doubt that some PGA Tour players were interested in the LIV (or, to be more accurate, the money), but held concerns about what the switch would do to their career goals. It seems less of a reason to not join.

What else can LIV gain by a Koepka victory? Does it give these events the prestige they desire? Does it help them achieve Official World Golf Ranking Points? Will the TV ratings and crowds explode and LIV's quest for world dominance finally be won?

LIV is still what it is. You'll remain a fan if you are already a fan, just like the thousands of people at The Grange, Adelaide. Koepka's win at Oak Hill will not change your moral position. If you are simply not interested in the issue, you can disregard this needle.

Brooks Koepka's win at a major is important because it is a major. This day is now the most important in the story of one of the greatest golfers of our time. It's the same story as Jon Rahm's at the Masters. It's the story of an athlete and not the tour they play for.

Even if this happens, which is not guaranteed, it will only further fracture golf. At that point, all that will matter is the majors.

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