What are the best cloud storage solutions for small businesses?
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What are the best cloud storage solutions for small businesses?

What are the best cloud storage solutions for small businesses?

Learn about 10 of the most popular cloud services for small businesses.

Dan Goodman Posted by Dan Goodman on December 22, 2022

There are many cloud services available. It can be overwhelming to choose which one you should use for your business.

You should consider security, ease of use, cost, availability, and accessibility when choosing a service. While not all cloud services are equal, a handful is considered the best. Continue reading to learn about 10 of the most popular cloud services for small businesses.


  • Functions: File storage, sharing, and syncing
  • Price: No cost 14-day trial, $12.50/month per user (minimum 5 users); 1TB storage per user

SugarSync for Business has an Outlook plugin that allows you to keep your team's emails uncluttered and free from excess data. It also speeds up load times. SugarSync allows you to send a link or file to an email, much like Google Drive. This is a great way to send large files when your email service restricts file size. SugarSync for business is compatible with a variety of platforms, including PC, Mac, and iOS. It can also be used on Android and BlackBerry. This service allows you to share and sync files across all your devices, and with your entire team.


  • Functions: Storage and Synching. Sharing
  • Price: A 14-day free trial, $15/month per user for a minimum of 3 users; unlimited storage

Because of its low price, Box is a great option for small businesses. Unlimited storage is available for $15 per month. What more could you want? Box's goal? To foster collaboration within your organization. Although you can sync and save, this is not the goal of Box. However, the service can centralize business data so that your team can access important files whenever and wherever they need them. Box has some great features, including the ability for you to share screencasts and screenshots directly from your desktop. We're not implying that it will be just a funny Facebook meme, as we all have real work to do. Search for text in a file's content is also possible. This is great if you have forgotten which files contain which information. I swear I found a file that I needed, but I don't know where. It integrates seamlessly with many third-party services.


  • Functions: File storage and sharing
  • Price: Individuals receive 15 GB, 100 GB, and 10 TB free of charge. 20 TB are $199.99/month. 30 TB is $299.99/month. Pricing for an annual plan is not available.

Google Drive is a feature that almost everyone who uses Gmail has used. Google Drive is well-known for its personal cloud storage and allows us to bypass the 25MB limit in email attachments. It's also a great solution for small businesses. Google Drive has a lot of great features that encourage collaboration. You can use it to create documents your team can edit and save, as well as share them with others. Your entire team can see your edits. You can create spreadsheets and slideshow presentations.

Google Drive is a powerhouse for managing your business files and keeping deadlines on track! From large Photoshop documents to tracking invoices, Google Drive has you covered. Plus, the integrated previews feature makes it easier than ever for clients to view PDFs, Photos, and Illustrator projects without having Adobe Creative Cloud installed - perfect for busy businesses everywhere! What's more? You can easily connect Google + Chrome with Gmail so that all of the functions are in one convenient place.

MICROSOFT onedrive

  • Features: Storage, Synching, and Sharing
  • Sign up for 15 GB and get 100 GB FREE; 200 GB at $3.99/month, 200 GB at $3.99/month; 1 TB for Office 365 Personal at $6.99/month

Microsoft OneDrive offers an integrated, hassle-free experience for businesses running a Windows computer. With the ability to sync files, folders, and device settings from any platform - be it a phone or tablet - you'll always have your documents on hand! You can even collaborate in real-time by editing simultaneously from multiple devices if need be; take pictures directly with your smartphone then view them next to their desktop versions within minutes of uploading. Microsoft's solution is comparable yet distinctively streamlined compared to Google Drive's offerings.

Microsoft OneDrive offers a Windows-only feature called Fetch, which allows you to take files from any PC that is connected to the internet. This is incredible! Imagine your computer going to sleep after a long day. When you get home, you realize that you have forgotten to send the file you need. You don't need to panic or drive all the way to the office to retrieve it. Fetch allows you to access it!

Microsoft OneDrive has generous storage allowances for a very reasonable price (it's less expensive than Google's competitor).


  • Functions: Storage with security in mind
  • Price: 60-day free trial. $7/month for $30GB. $12/month if you have 1 TB. Pricing: Monthly or annually

SpiderOak is all about security. SpiderOak will protect your data with extreme care, especially if you are dealing with financial information from customers. SpiderOak claims a "Zero-Knowledge Environment", which means it doesn't store password information on its servers.

It works this way: A typical cloud storage provider will encrypt your data when it is uploaded and store the encrypted data on their servers. This is what you would call Internet security. Wrong. These services store your passwords and encryption keys, making your data susceptible to anyone with physical access to the servers. One disgruntled employee in the cloud can steal your data.

SpiderOak does not work in this manner. Your password is stored on your computer and not on any cloud servers. Staff can't access your password or decrypt sensitive data. It is safe from outside tampering. However, it is important to remember your password. It can't be recovered if you forget it, which could lead to a catastrophe.


  • Functions: Online backup for Mac and Windows
  • Pricing: A 30-day free trial, $40/month for 100GB on unlimited computers; additional backup servers $12.99/month Subscribe for a year and get a discount

Backups are vital to running a security company. However, having them on your personal server poses a risk. Anything can happen to your server. You never know what could happen to a cloud, whether it gets fried by electrical problems or if is blown off by a random roof leak. MozyPro is a great service. Backup all the files that you need, from your laptops or desktops. You can also back up your company's personal server. Mozy also supports backing up data from Windows server applications such as SQL and Exchange. This makes it easy for your entire team to access. You pay only for the storage space, and not the number of users.


  • Functions: Online backups for Windows Servers
  • Pricing: A 30-day free trial. 250 GB for $270/year, unlimited computers (but no servers); 500GB for $599/year, unlimited computers. You can add storage to any plan if you need it.

Carbonite Business works in the same way as MozyPro, and can backup files from both Windows PCs and Mac PCs. Carbonite can be used to back up Windows-based servers. You can back up files from Windows-based file servers with the "Business Premier" upgrade, but it is not capable of handling Mac-based servers. Its competitive pricing is a plus - it costs less than $1 per gigabyte per year. Carbonite has an easy-to-use feature that allows those who don't have the technical skills to install it. Valet Install will install Carbonite's software remotely so that you don't need to do anything. No manuals are required! Who really likes to read manuals?


  • Functions: Online backups for Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Pricing: A 30-day free trial with unlimited storage starting at $10/month for one user, or up to 20 desktops and laptops

Cloud storage solutions can feel a bit out of reach for those who use Solaris and Linux. Many cater to Windows or Mac users (see Carbonite, which only works with Windows servers, and Moxy, which ignores the fact that Linux exists). CrashPlan steps in when the rest of the market fails because it works with Windows and Solaris, as well as Mac and Windows. CrashPlan also offers unique pricing. You have the option to either back up unlimited amounts of data on one computer, or you can select how much data you want in advance and spread it over unlimited computers. This is a great option for certain business models. It may be more cost-effective to pay per person for businesses with many employees who share computers. There are some businesses that have only a few employees, each of whom uses their own devices. In this instance, it may be cheaper to pay per user.


  • Functions: Backups of entire computers, not just files on a server
  • Unlimited storage at $99/year (single computers only, no servers); 500GB between 3 and 6 servers for $99/year; $499 for each additional server; 2TB for $1,699/year.

It is a good idea to back up certain files and folders. It's impossible to predict what might accidentally be deleted, edited incorrectly, or lost in the course of day-to-day business operations. Backups of your most sensitive files are even better. Back up your entire server or computer. You don't want your server to crash and all of your data to be gone. Acronis Backup Cloud supports backing up entire computers. This is in contrast to other companies that only back up specific files. Acronis will make you happy if your system fails. Acronis can back up your files so you don't feel vulnerable again.

There are a few more options when choosing from the best cloud storage services

Before you choose a cloud storage solution, make sure to review the following options:


Are you a fan of Apple products? This means that all computers in your home are Mac-compatible. All your mobile devices are iPhones and iPads. You can also use productivity apps within the Apple ecosystem. iCloud is a must-have. It works well with all Apple products and services.

With iCloud, you can store photos, share files with your team members and even collaborate on Microsoft Office documents. Plus, editing projects has never been easier since modifying PowerPoint presentations or spreadsheets is available right at the click of a button! With iCloud's collaborative feature taking care of business has become stress-free – all in one spot.


If you are looking for a comprehensive and balanced package, IDrive is a good option. IDrive is compatible with Windows 10 and other popular operating systems. IDrive is compatible with macOS. It is compatible with iOS and Android mobile devices.

IDrive has the perfect solution for keeping your whole team's data safe. With their "Team" plan, you can easily manage backups with just a few clicks - no technical experience necessary! Don't forget about business owners too – IDrive also offers an amazing Business Plan that allows companies to securely back up computer systems, servers, and even NAS devices. Get peace of mind knowing all your important information is stored safely in one place.

IDrive provides valuable security features, including protection against ransomware. IDrive Personal allows for one user with unlimited computers. IDrive offers business plans that allow unlimited users to use unlimited devices. IDrive also offers flexibility. IDrive allows you to access Google Docs, for example.


If you are concerned about end-to-end encryption, pCloud is an option. 256-bit AES is used by pCloud, which is one of the most powerful AES encryption algorithms. This provider supports two-factor authentication.

pCloud provides advanced security features for personal users, not only business users. Personal users can enjoy zero-knowledge security, for example.

pCloud supports synchronization when you use pCloud Drive (it's a desktop app). This sync feature allows you to connect locally saved folders to your pCloud drive. You can edit, delete, or move files from your computer to the pCloud drive.

Are You a Good Customer for a Free Cloud Storage Solution?

Cloud storage options can be found free of charge. Is it better to use a free solution than a premium plan from a well-known provider of cloud storage? It all depends on what you need.

A cloud storage provider will typically offer a free plan that only offers limited features. They might only offer limited storage space. This might be a good option for you at first, but your needs might exceed the storage space. It is important to understand your needs upfront. We recommend investing in a cloud storage solution that is paid upfront if you believe you will need it soon.

There are many factors to consider when choosing a cloud storage solution.

When choosing a cloud storage solution, consider the following:

  • An intuitive solution is required.

  • Providers should provide a secure online storage solution.

  • Uploading files and retrieving them later should be easy.

  • A solution must be both client-side and web-friendly.

  • You should look for collaboration tools.

  • Cloud storage providers should offer file-versioning options.

  • You should look for security features such as encryption and two-factor authentication.

  • Even if your Internet connection is slow or unstable, you should still be able to use the cloud storage solution.

  • You should look for compatibility, strong customer support, and reasonable pricing plans.


Cloud storage solutions can be anything you want them to be. Choose one that you can work with, whether it's for system backups, collaboration, sharing, or both.

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