Top News Sources for Fashion Lovers
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Top News Sources for Fashion Lovers

Top News Sources for Fashion Lovers

Many of these blogs also feature runway reports, comprehensive trend guides, and interviews with leading fashion designers.

Dan Goodman Posted by Dan Goodman on December 22, 2022

Fashion lovers can also stay informed about the latest trends and styles by following fashion news sources. From magazines to online blogs, there are plenty of options out there for staying up-to-date on fashion news.

Popular magazine sources include Vogue, Glamour, Harper’s Bazaar, and InStyle. For those who prefer to keep up with fashion news online, websites like Refinery 29 and Fashionista are great resources. Additionally, there are many fashion bloggers who post their thoughts and reviews on clothing and accessories on a regular basis.

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Many of these blogs also feature runway reports, comprehensive trend guides, and interviews with leading fashion designers.

Social media channels such as Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest are also excellent sources for finding inspiration and keeping up with current fashion trends. On Instagram, you can follow your favorite fashion bloggers to stay in the know, as well as search hashtags like “style” or “street style” to discover what people around the world are wearing. Similarly, Twitter is a great resource for finding fashion influencers who share their insights on the latest trends. Lastly, Pinterest is great for getting ideas about what to wear and can be used to create mood boards with different outfit combinations.

Fashion is more than just wearing dresses. It's in the sky, on the streets, it has to do with ideas, how we live, and what is happening," Coco Chanel once stated. Fashion is woven into our everyday lives. Those who make a living out of fashion package it into an experience that can be delivered to consumers in multiple ways and through multiple channels. 

The Internet played a major role in creating this package and revolutionizing the customer experience by providing new ways to consume information and news. It is the preferred medium for breaking fashion news, profiling emerging and established designers, reviewing fashion weeks, and trends, and covering stories about the industry. While it is still debatable whether print media are losing their relevance, the following sources remain at the forefront of fashion news. 

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Below are some of the top online sources that I use to keep up with fashion news. There are many other online sources, but these are my favorites and they have been extremely helpful in keeping me informed about fashion trends, events, and style. Each of the websites below offers something unique, so I urge you to visit them if they are unfamiliar to you.

1. Fashion Business

BoF is a premier destination for fashion professionals and aficionados alike. Founded in 2007 by Imran Amed, it has evolved from a simple blog to an authoritative digital publication providing comprehensive insight into the design and investment realms of the industry. Last year marked an even bigger development when Tim Blanks (editor-at-large at joined up with BoF -- ushering them firmly onto the global stage as they introduced their groundbreaking runway reviews feature!

The website regularly launches new platforms, learning materials, and platforms - BoF Basics (education platform for entrepreneurs and fashion professionals who want their own business), BoF Education for students and ranking of institutions), BoF Voices for the fashion community to share ideas on important topics), BoF Voices for the fashion community to discuss important topics and BoF Breakfast Club (a series where experts discuss the week’s most important fashion news) and a subscription-based platform to recruit creative talent.


As of last year, is officially part of the Conde Nast family and has seamlessly merged with Vogue's runway page. This digital version provides all things fashion-related - from news to culture to lifestyle topics in one convenient place! Users can easily browse collections by designer, season, or city, and don't forget about the amazing Archive feature which takes you back in time; allowing access to past decades' runway photos right at your fingertips! Oh, yea...did we mention State also features reviews written by some pretty big names? Including Lauren Sherman & Nicole Phelps offering their expert opinions on each collection as they come down that catwalk.

Vogue's fame was fueled by its reputation, digital media ease, and the style and navigation of In-depth, we cover celebrity style, red carpet looks, and street style as well as culture and trending social media videos.

The website's "city guide" feature is a distinctive feature. It allows users to navigate fashion-focused travel guides for New York City, London, Paris Paris, Milan Milan, Shanghai, Los Angeles, and other cities. Categories include hair salons, fine dining, and accessories.

3. Fashionista

Fashionista's focus is more on pop culture and its voice is easily understood by younger readers. Fashionista covers news, trends, and fashion from all over the globe. However, its "Editor's Picks", which are basically suggestions for bags and makeup, are very popular and are often shared on social media.

Fashionista is the go-to job portal for those aspiring to join the fashion world! With its "careers" section, it offers a dazzling array of internships and full/part-time opportunities in glamorous locations such as New York City and Hollywood. Fashionista only advertises positions related to couture - giving students and graduates an exclusive look into this alluring industry.

4. Women's Wear Daily

Women's Wear Daily is the ultimate source of fashion news. From its unique coverage of trends, couture, and luxury to street style, textiles, and denim - WWD has it all! Often referred to as 'the Fashion Bible', this publication is divided into subsections according to markets, countries, stores, etc., making it easier than ever before for readers seeking insight on specific topics relating directly or indirectly to fashion. Moreover, it also holds the distinction of being one of the very few publications that fully cover men’s wear as well – giving an unprecedented edge over industry competition. So if you're looking for a comprehensive guide on high-end clothing pieces & fabrics - Women's Wear Daily should be your go-to resource!

5. Nowfashion

Nowfashion has revolutionized the fashion game by bringing couture collections to a global audience. As pioneers in streaming live shows and runway photos, they have become experts at delivering real-time coverage of prestigious international events – from Lisbon's catwalks to Kyiv’s galas and Sao Paolo’s buzzing social scenes. Get your finger on the pulse of all things luxurious with Nowfashion as your ultimate go-to source for up-and-coming trends and unfettered style!

Nowfashion stands out by providing information through compelling visuals and bringing the shows to their homes. This website is a leader in technological innovation, such as the 360-degree virtual reality that makes viewers feel like they're sitting in the front row.

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