Top Celebrity Gossip Sites
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Top Celebrity Gossip Sites

Top Celebrity Gossip Sites

For the ultimate celebrity gossip fix, these sites are sure to keep you entertained.

Dan Goodman Posted by Dan Goodman on December 22, 2022

Celebrity gossip sites are a great place to catch up on the latest news about your favorite stars. From red-carpet appearances to award shows and behind-the-scenes moments, these sites keep you in the know with all of the latest celebrity happenings.

Many of these sites also feature interviews and exclusive content from celebrities. Whether you’re looking for an update on a certain star’s personal life or just want to know what the stars are up to, these sites have you covered. You can also find out about the upcoming movie and television projects, as well as learn about fashion trends and style tips from the big names in Hollywood.

For the ultimate celebrity gossip fix, these sites are sure to keep you entertained.

We select the top 10 options so that you can make informed choices about tons of products.

What are the Hottest Celebrity News and Where can I find them?

Even if it's not true, everyone loves gossip from Hollywood. Celebrity gossip makes us feel alive, regardless of how much we try to deny it.

Who can resist seeing a celebrity cut down in size or hearing the latest gossip about their latest boob job? You need to be following these celebrity gossip blogs and gossip blogs to stay on top of the latest news.

Here are 10 celebrity gossip sites that will make your jaw drop, whether you're looking for candid photos or detailed exposure on TV shows such as The Kardashians and the Royal Family.

1. TMZ

Some websites are known for being the first to report on celebrity news. TMZ is a leading source for breaking celebrity news. Its fast-moving writers and aggressive reporters have been the first to report on new events many times. It was the first source of news about Michael Jackson's death, Mel Gibson’s drunk-driving accident, and Rihanna’s police photos. Its rapid reporting is what has made it such a beloved gossip site.

2. E! Online

E! is one of the most valuable sources for exclusive celebrity videos. E! Online offers a seemingly endless supply of clips and photos from its parent corporation. E! is an entertainment and media company. However, its Kardashian page is an amazing resource. It has the most up-to-date news, photos, and videos about the family. E! has plenty of videos and photos from celebrity parties, premieres, awards ceremonies, movie premieres, and other events beyond the Kardashians. Online.

3. People

For decades, people have been sharing behind-the-scenes interviews, candid photo shoots, as well as inside scoops on celebrities, royals, and TV personalities. Although it claims 'exclusive' scoops a bit too often to be believed, it is still regarded as the source of the true news behind celebrity headlines.

4. Page Six

The gossip column that started all gossip columns, The New York Post's Page Six has been serving up delicious gossip, gossip, and celebrity dirt for decades, thanks to its anonymous network of Manhattan tippers. Page Six is today a hub for celebrity gossip. However, its Celeb Sightings section remains the most popular and longest-running section. You can find out where your favorite celebrities ate and party the night before in quick bites. Although Page Six is now a lot more popular in celebrity gossip, it's still the place that celebrities turn to for behind-the-scenes information.

5. Perez Hilton

Nothing is better than hearing gossip from the inside of the glamor circle. Perez Hilton started out as a simple gossip blogger. But as he became a celebrity, he was able to access the inner circle. Hilton's blunt, sarcastic style has not changed over the years, which makes him a favorite among his many fans. Perez Hilton has become a popular source of information on Hollywood events, thanks to his ability to share the details from leaked conversations.

6. US Weekly

Attention Anglophiles and prince-oglers, queen fiends, and glamour addicts: US Weekly is the best place to get a close encounter with the most famous family across the pond. While the Royal Family is a popular topic among celebrity magazines, US Weekly holds the exclusive rights to the most important stories, photos, and scoops about Buckingham Palace and its residents. A section is dedicated to the Royals and features an ongoing news feed with photo spreads and stories about Harry, Meghan, and Kate.

7. Dlisted

Let's face facts, the best thing about any celeb gossip website is its snark. Dlisted is a reliable source for snarky gossip. Michael K is the author of all content. His snipes about celebrity mishaps are always spot-on. Dlisted is not afraid to laugh at stars, be it embarrassing photos or social media failures.

8. PopSugar

PopSugar is another website for celebrities who love to see their everyday lives. PopSugar's tone is more news-oriented than snarky, and the topics range in seriousness from culturally aware to delightfully petty. You can find out about celebrity gossip, fashion trends, finance tips, and makeup advice with just a few clicks. PopSugar is an excellent site to keep you informed and entertained all at once.

9. ON

Celebrity gossip is entertaining, a bit wicked, and can feed your sense of schadenfreude. But being part of the attack takes it to another level. ONTD is the place to go if you want to exchange your views and laugh with thousands of like-minded people. ONTD is more of a community forum rather than a news site. Members can submit gossip items and make commitments. This makes it one of the most popular celebrity gossip sites.

10. Variety

Variety is the most renowned trade magazine in the movie industry. It's the first stop for directors, movie stars, and movie moguls. They pore over the pages to find out who has been cast, who has been fired, and who bought which LA mansion. Variety provides a break from the gossipy celebrity backstabbing and failed marriages reported on other sites.

Get the scoop!

Over the years the entertainment industry has expanded. The online gossip industry has more to offer than the ever-growing universe of dramas, dirt, folly, and scandal. These 10 celebrity gossip websites will give you a look into the lives of people who are just like you, regardless of their wealth or fame.

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