Best Tech Websites List: Latest News, Reviews, and More!

Best Tech Websites List: Latest News, Reviews, and More!

These are the top tech websites you should be following in 2022.

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Technology is now ingrained in all aspects of our lives, revolutionizing nearly everything we do and know. Our phones have gone from flip phones to iPhones while cars are going beyond just being transportation - they can be autonomous with Teslas!

The way we communicate, interact, make friends and share our stories has been revolutionized by technology. Each day, a new product is introduced to the market. It's hard to keep up with tech changes at such a rapid rate.

tech trends 2023

You can get an idea of everyday apps such as Instagram, Lyft, and Slack. They are now an integral part of our daily lives. Technology news is a must-read for anyone who works in technology or just loves it!

We have put together a list of top tech websites that you should follow in 2022 to help you stay on top of the world. Let's get to it!

Here's a list of the best tech websites you should follow!

1. TechCrunch

TechCrunch is a tech website. What it's all about: TechCrunch, which is one of our favorite tech websites on the internet, kicks off our list. TechCrunch is an essential resource if you're interested in the details of the startup world.

TechCrunch covers funding news, acquisitions, and new feature launches. It also provides information on mergers and other breakthrough technologies.

You can also find a lot of podcasts on other topics if you don’t like reading the news on your smartphone.

2. Gizmodo

Gizmodo: A tech website

Gizmodo is well-respected in the tech space as a great source of news and reviews. This website is lighter in tone and focuses more on entertainment than information.

The review section of Gizmodo is a great place for product information, whether you are looking at smartphones, tablets, laptops, tablets, wearables, or other tech toys. Gizmodo's science section adds a lot of knowledge to the site.

3. TheVerge

Verge: A tech website

The Verge: This is another one of our favorite resources, especially if gadgets are your thing. Their YouTube channel is the best for tech news and reviews.

Their videos are beautiful and well-produced. Their website also has a science section that covers many interesting scientific theories as well as current events.

You will find the content you need easily because they are divided into different categories.

4. VentureBeat

Venture beat: A tech website

VentureBeat's mission: VentureBeat is solely a tech news site that covers the most important tech developments.

VentureBeat is a great place to start if you don't want your attention diverted to other content but only want news about tech.

VentureBeat is the place to be, no matter whether you're a tech geek or a founder of a startup in the tech industry.

5. Wired

Wired: A tech website

What it is: We're pretty certain you've heard of Wired. You should check out this tech website right now if you haven’t.

Wired covers everything tech news and how it affects our daily lives.

Wired also covers technology but many other topics such as business, science and security, transport, and so on. Their website is organized well and easy to navigate.

6. Digital Trends

A website about digital trends

Digital Trends: This website is full of great information. Digital Trends has everything you need, from the most recent product and gadget coverage to product analysis. It's a great site to keep up to date with digital trends.

Their 'Original Series tab is a standout feature. It covers every topic in depth in the form of a web series. The Food Fight and Woman with Byte are the best.

7. Mashable

Mashable: A tech website

It's all about: Mashable covers everything from politics and science to entertainment and business.

Mashable is constantly on the lookout to find new tech news and events. It is a great site if you want a wide range of topics covered.

8. Information

Information: A tech website

It's all about: The Information promises "deeply-reported articles about the technology industry that aren't found elsewhere", and is intended for tech-geeks who want to know more than the average geek.

The Information provides a 360-degree view of tech news, with long-form content written and edited by qualified journalists. Although it is a paid service, it is well worth the money.

9. Term Sheet

Term sheet: A tech website

What it is about: Fortune Magazine's website covers topics such as finance, politics, entertainment, and technology.

The Term Sheet, their technological wing, is a great source of tech news. TermSheet is your source for all things tech, including funding announcements and IPOs.

10. Engadget

Engadget is a tech website

Engadget's purpose: Engadget, as the name implies, is a gadget-focused site that reviews and presents impressions of products. It also covers a lot of tech news.

The 'Reviews section contains detailed product reviews that can be helpful when you are looking for a new gadget. To help you make informed tech purchasing decisions, the 'Buyer’s Guide' section has been categorically divided into different types.

11. Ars Technica

Ars Technica: A tech website

It's all about: Published for more than two decades. Ars Technica is the oldest tech publication. It continues to thrive, and it has attracted many loyal and regular audiences since its inception.

It covers tech news as well as business and IT news, gadgets, automobile news, science and culture, and many other topics. A subscription plan is available to make the most of the site and enjoy an ad-free experience.

12. The Next Web

The next web: A technology website

What it is: The Next Web is a top-rated tech website and that's for good reason. They provide tech news and detailed product reviews. is the go-to source for everything startup related! Keep informed of events and conferences you can attend, or take advantage of tech deals to get great value from your purchases - all curated on their comprehensive market intelligence platform with detailed analysis of funding announcements and other developments in this dynamic field.

13. Gadget Review

Gadget review: A tech website

Gadget Review is the place to go if you are looking for a website that focuses on the latest and greatest tech news, Gadget Reviews is the right place.

This website is divided into sections such as appliances, games, gadgets, and personal care. It also provides detailed reviews.

You can request a review from their experts if you don't find what you are looking for.

14. TechRadar

Techradar: A tech website

It's all about TechRadar, which we can't disagree more with.

TechRadar helps you get the scoop on all kinds of tech gadgets, from smartphones to cameras and even laptops. With our detailed reviews and comparison tools, we make it easy for you to find the perfect device!

TechRadar's How to section will help you get the most out of your gadgets and tech devices.

15. Android Authority

Android Authority is your go-to resource for everything Android. Android Authority offers news, expert tips, and smartphone reviews.

You can also find daily uploads on YouTube about the latest smartphones and apps.

16. Ubergizmo

Ubergizmo: A tech website

Ubergizmo is another website that can help you make the right buying decision for your gadgets. Ubergizmo offers detailed reviews and opinions on the best smartphones and laptops.

Ubergizmo provides a wealth of tech news and reviews.

17. 9to5 Mac

A tech website for 9 to 5.

For Apple aficionados, 9to5Mac is the ultimate destination to stay up-to-date on all things Cupertino! Follow along for insider scoops about cutting-edge products like iPhones and iWatches, as well as discovering exciting new advancements in everything from smart cars to music streaming.

They are one of the few sources that regularly dispel rumors. This is why they are a must-follow resource for anyone who is interested in Apple.

These are the top tech websites you should be following in 2022. The above-mentioned websites are a great way to stay informed about all things tech and gadgets. Enjoy!


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