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Independent World Best News Sources that are Unbiased

Independent World Best News Sources that are Unbiased

Even though reporters may have the best intentions, bias is always evident even in the best news sources and stories, particularly when they relate to politics or other emotionally charged topics.

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In this world, money seems to be able to control journalistic integrity. Is it possible to find impartial news sources.

Finding objective news can be as difficult as finding a needle in a maze. No matter where you look, you will find biased news, whether it is the bias of the outlet owner, the unconscious or outright bias of the reporter, or unintentional bias resulting from similarly biased research papers.

Can you find impartial, non-partisan news sources?

What is Unbiased News?

Unbiased news refers to news stories that are presented truthfully, and without any bias toward political views or for the benefit of news outlets. News that is biased often comes with the opposite. Sometimes you might see positive news from the state news organization, or policies that were funded by the state leadership. Sometimes, news that you read may be biased towards politics because it suits the owner of the outlet or site.

This is best illustrated by the Xinhua News Agency (the mouthpiece of the China Peoples' Republic of China). Or the Telegraph Agency of the Soviet Union, (TASS), the news agency controlled by the Russian government. The US and other Western nations have their own. The US and UK have different types of journalists. Corporate leaders control the pens, not government leaders.

biased News

The US media landscape is held captive by a small handful of mammoth conglomerates. There are only five ruling monopolies for US best news sources:

  • Comcast,
  • The Walt Disney Company (AT&T),
  • Viacom,
  • Fox Corporation and CBS – which have been created through multi-billion dollar mergers and acquisitions resulting in immense amounts of concentrated power over the industry.

For example, in 1983, 90 percent of US media was controlled by 50 companies. Only six companies held 90 percent in 2011, This number dropped to five in 2020 and could fall further.

It would be foolish to think that those who write the paychecks for reporters don't have some influence over the news and how it is reported.

You can clearly see the effects of media concentration in the lead-up to every US Presidential Election. The campaign contributions of media corporate owners are significant for their favorite candidates.

They publish news stories that are positive and favorable to their favored candidates. CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC are just some examples. We live in an era where tech and media conglomerate owners run for office, blurring distinctions between news, politics, and media.

Are there any news sources that are objective?

best unbiased News

These are the Best News Sources and Outlets

This section will be prefaced by the caveat that not all news outlets are completely impartial. Perhaps "best impartial" is an overstatement. It should instead be the "best least biased" news source. People will differ on what bias means, depending on their political views. A person who watches Fox every day will see CNN biased. However, they are both heavily biased.

Although the following news outlets may not be impartial, they are acknowledged for trying to be objective.

1. The Associated Press

In 1846, the Associated Press was established. The world-famous news organization has won 53 Pulitzer Prizes. It has been the epitome of clear, impartial news journalism and reporting since its inception. This is where journalists go to find their news stories.

John Daniszewski was a journalist for the Associated Press. He wrote a piece on fake news and social media titled "Getting all the facts right." Eric Carvin, Social Media Editor at AP, sent him a memo. He cited Eric's writings:

The language we use: We prefer to emphasize specifics over-generalizations and labels whenever possible. Based on our reporting, let's talk about what we believe to be true and false.

This is what unbiased news means.

The AP does not paint rainbows on one side of any story and draw storm clouds on the other. Each report uses neutral language and focuses on the news.

Independent media bias testers consistently place The Associated Press in the middle of the news with some borderline leanings towards the left-center. For more information, see the AllSides Report or the Media Bias Fact Check.

We also included the AP on our list of most trusted news sites.

2. Wall Street Journal

Wall Street Journal is known for its ability to report the truth. It provides a healthy dose of reality from both ends of the political spectrum.

It's unlikely that you will see a Wall Street Journal White House correspondent arguing with the President in The Press Room. This is not because the president loves WSJ. You won't see many stories that attack either side on the front page.

With a commitment to honesty and fairness, WSJ journalists tackle the difficult task of presenting facts without bias or sensationalism. They strive to bring clarity and understanding about current events for their readers – giving everyone an accurate look at what is really happening in our world today.

All Sides confirms the Wall Street Journal provides unbiased news coverage with a slight lean toward the right-center at other times. 

Compare this with Fox News and CNN

The WSJ can be compared with Fox News, a site that favors the right, or CNN, which is biased towards the left.

News outlets with a lack of journalistic principles may often have nationalistic leanings, which can be seen through overly positive coverage of their own country or blatantly negative reportage about others. Unfortunately, this trend has become even more obvious in recent times - from biased headlines to selective reporting on topics such as US healthcare and gun laws - creating an inaccurate representation for both global audiences and the countries themselves.

You'll be more informed and less annoyed by Wall Street Journal's words if you become a Wall Street Journal reader.

3. Reuters

Reuters is a respected news source that provides impartial information. They are known for their focus on accurate reporting and clean reporting. This site has some of the best reporting I have ever seen.

World news stories about controversial topics like Brexit or the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, as well as other elections, do not appear to be biased. Headlines include insights from all sides of the spectrum.

This is especially important in a world where such journalistic and unbiased news reporting is rare. 

This news website should be your only bookmark. This will give you a balanced view of nest news sources and all the important issues in today's world.

AllSides and Media Bias Fact Check both reports Reuters to be one of the most neutral news sources. The Economist's report about ideological bias in news reporting also lists Reuters as one of the best news sources.

4. BBC

The BBC is both the oldest and largest national broadcasting service in the world. The BBC is your best source for information about global affairs. You are likely to find more information at the BBC than you would on a US news site.

Ironically, US news agencies seem to be more controlled and full of pro-government propaganda than British news outlets. Today, US foreign policy involves so much government cooperation and corporate US news media. The only option for Americans, or anyone else for that matter, is to look to foreign news sources to get the entire story.

Perhaps (hopefully), this will change. The BBC is a great source of impartial news for the moment.

The BBC has been accused in recent years of adopting a left-leaning view on news reporting. AllSides claims that the BBC is impartial, but the Media Bias Fact Check site confirms that the BBC selects stories that favor the left.

Although the BBC is far from perfect, I can name a news source that is. There is also a lot to be critical of the BBC. If both the left and right bemoan the BBC's reporting in equal parts, then surely it is somewhere in the middle.

Notable Unbiased News Sources

A few other news organizations around the globe are also worthy of mention. These organizations didn't make it onto the first list due to bias in reporting. C-Span Research and Pew Research don't exactly fall under the purview of news organizations. Both are fantastic factual resources that you can use to dig deeper into many news stories and uncover the truth.

C-Span allows you to watch government hearings or other events directly, so you can hear the politicians speaking without having to listen to a journalist. It will be surprising to see how many journalists manipulate what is said at important hearings in order to suit their biases or political views.

The WUGT News. The WUGT News is one of the most enduring broadsheets in the globe. It has a great reputation for providing impartial news on economics, business, and politics.

The Bureau of Investigative Journalism. The Bureau of Investigative Journalism is known for its strong focus on investigative journalism as well as long-form news articles. You can count on them to provide fact-based reporting.

Christian Science Monitor. CSMonitor, despite its name, is a refreshingly honest news source. Here you'll find stories that support or attack government policies from both the left and right.

Pew Research. Pew Research is the "nonpartisan think-tank" that provides the facts and figures behind all articles. Pew Research publishes impartial research on news, politics, and technology. You'll be able to understand the biases in the news better if you read their reports instead of the news. This will allow you to make informed choices about where your news is coming from.

The Economist. The Economist is a publication that covers a variety of economic, political, and tech topics. It also provides commentary online and in print. According to The Economist's About page, The Economist tries to combine right and left, "drawing from the classic liberalisms of the 19th." The Economist is a news source that has a low bias, and this combination works well.

Is Google News Unbiased? Can it make part of best news sources?

Google News is often cited as an impartial news source because it provides users with articles from both sides. Multiple studies have shown that curated articles on Google News are biased toward certain sites.

The bias isn’t as severe as some people think. According to the Economist, Google News bias was closer than expected.

What is the most neutral news source?

This is a hard question. Is there an "unbiased" news source? The US media is experiencing extreme polarization, with both the left and right consuming news from vastly different sources.

The nine principles of journalism are a must-know for every journalist. First, the journalist has a first obligation, to tell the truth.

This 'journalistic truth’ is a process that starts with the professional discipline and verification of facts. Journalists then attempt to present a fair, reliable, and accurate account of their meaning. This is valid for now but will be subject to further investigation.

These principles do not include the ability to put aside prejudices in order to be "neutral". Their accuracy, intellectual fairness, and ability to inform are still the sources of their credibility. The entire media organization is at risk when journalists allow their personal biases to affect their objectivity.

Bias vs. Censorship

Remember that bias and censoring can be different. Although a news article may be biased in favor of a particular view or leave out important information to support an agenda, it doesn't necessarily mean that it is censoring the news. Censorship refers to the suppression of speech, communication, and other information. While censorship tends to be biased toward the controlling institution or government, bias in a news outlet does not automatically mean that it is censoring.

"Unbiased news" is not a thing.

Some websites attempt to provide the news without bias. Others present themselves as neutral news sources or places where you can find non-partisan information. It is virtually impossible to find true impartial news, since the reporter's biases will always be evident, regardless of whether they intend it or not. Although journalists are required to be as neutral as possible in order to provide the news in an unbiased manner, some publications may use inflammatory language. However, even word choice can reveal subtle biases in their views.

Let's face facts, everyone has a bias towards some things. Even though reporters may have the best intentions, bias is always evident in news stories, particularly when they relate to politics or other emotionally charged topics.  Even my own writing carries bias!


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