Secrets of Million Dollar Sales Letters for Mail & Internet Campaigns

Secrets of Million Dollar Sales Letters for Mail & Internet Campaigns

A winning sales letter that is based on a tried and true formula.

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No matter what product you are trying to sell you can't "talk" with your potential buyer. The sales letter that you send to anyone trying to sell something online is the way you communicate with your prospect.

The best sales letters communicate with prospects by creating an image. The sales letters set the scene by appealing to a need or desire. They then flow seamlessly into the "visionary” part of the pitch, describing how the prospect's life will be after purchasing your product. This is the "body" or "guts" of a sales message.

A winning sales letter is based on a tried and true formula.

  1. Get his attention
  2. Get his interest in your product
  3. Make his mouth water with excitement about the benefits of your product
  4. Tell him to take action - to tell him to click the button or send the product immediately - procrastination could cause him to lose the opportunity. 

This is the "AIDA" method (Attention. Interest. Desire. Action) - It works.

Your sales page on your website should be as long as it would be.


If you were mailing, it would take longer. The Internet is much more cost-effective than mailings, as you don't need to pay for postage or letterhead stationery. The following guidelines would be applicable if you wish to do a mailing campaign.

  • They should have 1 1/2 spaces between each line. 
  • They should be at least one page;

It's okay to run your sales letter on one 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper if it is less than two pages long. Your sales letter should be printed on letterhead paper. If you have one, make sure to include your logo and motto.

No matter how long your sales letter is, it should accomplish one thing: sell

  • Your sales letter must close the sale if you want to. 
  • Your sales letter should not be vague or ambiguous. 
  • Your sales letter should do the selling and close the sale.

Any brochure or circular that you include in your mail will only reinforce the information in your sales letter.

sales letters

In the last few years, there has been much discussion about how long a sales letters should be. Many people wonder if people will take the time to read long sales letters. It is simple and well-proven that the answer is yes! Studies and tests have shown that longer sales letters pull better than shorter ones. Don't fret about how long your letter is - make sure it sells your product!

Your sales letter should be so compelling and visionary with all of the benefits it offers to the reader that the reader will not hesitate to read it. This is the "inside" secret. Breaking up the "work” of reading is done by using punchy sentences, underlining key points, and using subheadlines, indentations, and even the use a second colour.

You also leave lots of white space around the letter. The sales letter should be displayed in the middle and be short. Clients will not readrather than spending their time reading long letters.

You can include brochures or circulars in your mail with your sales letter. As long as they are high quality, it will usually help to increase your sales. If they're of poor quality or don't complement your sales letter then you should not be using them. It will also make you an independent home worker if your name and address are hand-stamped on the brochures or circulars.

direct mail sales letters work

If you can, make sure you have quality brochures that you can send out. Before you send them out, your printer will run them through his presses and print your name/address, as well as your phone number and logo. You want your prospect to see you as his supplier, not just as an entrepreneur. You can save money, but it will result in fewer orders and lower profits.

Is it a good idea to include a self-addressed response envelope in your mail? This question has many variables and pros and cons. A return reply envelope is a great way to increase the response rate when you send a winning sales letter to a mailing list.

Recent tests have shown that there is no significant difference in the responses if you pre-stamp your return envelope. 

The decision will depend on what product you are selling and which mailing list you use. We recommend that you try the mailing list before making any conclusions.

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