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Chinese State Pundit: Malaysian Michelle Yeoh Wins Oscar for 'Chinese Cultural Genes.

Posted by Gregory Nicola on March 18, 2023 Gregory Nicola

Hu Xijin is a prominent Chinese propagandist who was once editor of the state-run Global Times. Monday's ridicule centered on Michelle Yeoh's credit of the "Chinese cultural gene" to her Best Actress Academy Award.

Hu Xijin is a prominent Chinese propagandist who was once editor of the state-run Global Times. Monday's ridicule centered on Michelle Yeoh's credit of the "Chinese cultural gene" to her Best Actress Academy Award.

Michelle Yeoh, congratulations! We are so happy for her. China is growing, and Asia is growing.

Hu, like other Chinese Communist apparatchiks or propagandists is allowed to use Twitter despite the fact that his oppressive government bans ordinary Chinese citizens using the platform. Sina Weibo is a similar microblogging platform used by the Chinese public. It is tightly controlled and monitored by the Beijing regime.

Hu wrote in the longer version of the post that appeared on Weibo that "More people from Chinese descent will take advantage that momentum and reach new pinnacles."Anyone of Chinese descent who carries China’s cultural genes should be celebrated.

Hu, a belligerent nationalist, was nicknamed "China's Trollking" by the UK Guardian during the days of his salad days as editor at the Global Times. He apparently didn't bother to examine Yeoh's genealogy before he made his claim about genes.

Yeoh was a prominent movie star in Hong Kong before she moved to Hollywood. However, she is Malaysian. Although she has Chinese ancestors as well, Radio Free Asia (RFA), Wednesday's radio show, pointed out that they got out China long before Mao Zedong and the hideous Chinese Communist Party.

Many of the contemptuous responses to Hu’s strange claims criticized him for trying to credit China with the success of a Malaysian actor. Others were furious that anyone would try and muscle in on Yeoh’s great personal achievement.

Many Chinese residents managed to see the movie and seem very happy with it. Hashtags on Weibo that use the movie's title have been viewed millions of times, especially when they use the funny alternative title in Taiwan: F**king Multiverse.

Because several characters in the film are gay, Everything Everywhere All At Once has been banned in some parts of the Middle East. It is difficult to count how many gay characters there are in the film, as it is f**king multiverse. The Chinese Communist Party has become increasingly hostile to gay content during a time of demographic crisis. However, there are many other reasons why it should ban foreign movies.

RFA's Cai Shenkun, a journalist, said it was irritating to see the Chinese state media and its army of "little red" nationalists online rushing to claim credit for all achievements made by Chinese people, especially since those achievements would not be possible in China's People's Republic of China.

Michelle Yeoh is a perfect example of this. It is impossible to achieve such a remarkable artistic achievement in China, where culture as well as ideas are all locked up. They can't train her actors because art requires freedom of thinking," said Lu Nan, a commentator.

Hu was actually close to realizing his nationalist fantasies because the role she played as an actress in Everything Everywhere All at Once was originally offered by Jackie Chan, an old friend and supporter of the Chinese Communist Party.

The Daniels (co-directors Daniel Kwan, and Daniel Scheinert) readily admit that Yeoh would have been rejected for the role, and they would have to start over. However, they also acknowledge that their original plan was to make Jackie Chan the protagonist and cast Yeoh as his wife. The Daniels claim that Chan was not available and that something clicked, and they realized the story would work better with the wife as the main character.

Yeoh and Chan are close friends. Yeoh was Yeoh’s first co-star in 1984's commercial for a Hong Kong watch company. It seems that their relationship has always had a competitive element. She says, "Jackie actually texted" her."And he said: "Wow, I hear incredible things about your film. Did you know that the boys came from China to see me?' I replied, "Yes, your loss, my brother!"

There is a world in which Jackie Chan, not Michelle Yeoh beat up two men who had acquired superhuman kung-fu skills by pushing trophies up to their butts. In that world, audiences were denied Ke Huy Quan's second coming -- because, you know. F**king multiverse.


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