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Job search in Italy

Job search in Italy

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Credit Suisse, UBS and the bank are both in trouble.

The deal could lead to thousands of job losses for Credit Suisse, according to Switzerland's finance minister. UBS and the bank are both in trouble.

The West has reaffirmed its alliance against authoritarianism and a fight against dictatorship is inevitable.

The fight against dictatorship. The Western response to Russia's invasion of Ukraine is widely regarded as a sign that the West has reaffirmed its alliance against authoritarianism.

Xi Jinping believes that the shift to a multipolar world is 'irreversible.

Xi Jinping, the Chinese President, sets the stage for his Russia visit and declares that "no one country should dictate the international order."

North Korea simulates a tactical nuclear strike

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un claims that the latest missile test has shown Pyongyang's willingness to strike its enemy "without hesitation."

Rotation detection is now possible with 3D-printed sensors

Engineers at MIT have developed a new method to 3D-print sensors that can detect the speed, rotation angle, and direction of mechanical joints.

Ukraine Black Sea grain deal extended at least 60 days

Ukraine claims that the grain deal was extended for 120 days. Russia's cooperation is required and Moscow has only agreed to renew the pact by 60 days.

Indonesians are urged to abandon Western payment methods

President Joko Widodo stated that Indonesia must reduce its dependence on Visa or Mastercard, which pose potential sanctions risks.

China's Xi is a peacemaker during Russia visit

President Xi Jinping will travel to Russia Monday to seek a breakthrough in Ukraine. China is trying to be a peacemaker.

US Banks Borrow $148B from Fed's Discount Window This week

This week, U. S. banks borrowed $164.8 billion from two Federal Reserve backstops facilities.

What Xi and Putin hope to gain from their combined meeting

Next week, the Chinese President Xi Jinping will travel to Moscow to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin. This is his first visit to Russia since the invasion of Ukraine by Kremlin troops. Xi's first trip abroad since his win, the March 20-22

Job search in Italy

Job search in Italy

Job bank with local job openings - apply online with just a few clicks.

Business News



Asia Pacific stocks rise as global banking turmoil worries ease

Tuesday's rise in stock prices in the Asia Pacific region was due to concerns about the global bank sector. This was in response to a whirlwind intervention by policymakers as well as industry players.

Vietnam faces huge challenges in accelerating digital revolution

Vietnam has the potential to become a developed nation through digital transformation. Experts agree that there are many obstacles to ensuring a rapid, smart, and green digital transformation.

Global finance is rocked by Switzerland's secretive Credit Suisse rescue

A few days before a hurriedly convened press conference that would make the headlines around the world, the political elite of Switzerland were secretly preparing a move.

Amazon to lay off thousands of workers in the 'next few days'

Amazon is planning to lay off 9,000 employees across multiple departments. Similar action was taken in November, when 18,000 employees were let go by Amazon.

Russia Benefits More from a Renewed Grain Export Agreement than Ukraine

Both Russia and Ukraine must maintain exports. However, Russia's production is far greater than Ukraine's and Russia is a major beneficiary of the rollover of the grain export deal.

Los Angeles school workers will strike for three days

A union representing 30,000 Los Angeles school bus drivers, cafeteria workers, and school custodians will strike for three days Tuesday. This will effectively stop classes for more than half a million students.

Netflix Verification Hits the Market; The Metaverse Already Has Lost Its Shine

Netflix's inventory is highly sought after, but this also makes it a target of fraudsters.

Foot Locker to close 400 stores by 2026

Foot Locker plans to close 400 stores by 2026. This is in an effort to be more relevant to younger shoppers. It will relaunch its retail brands, introduce "experiential" store concepts, and simplify its operations by closing down underperforming mal.

Microsoft plans to launch its own mobile games store, similar to Apple and Google.

According to a media outlet, Phil Spencer, Microsoft's chief gaming officer, stated that the EU Digital Market Act (DMA) will help the company achieve its goals for mobile app stores. It is due to take effect in March 2024.

Jamie Dimon leads efforts for a new First Republic Bank rescue plan

First Republic Bank was downgraded on Monday due to concerns that the bank in San Francisco, which is in serious financial trouble, needed additional liquidity.

Job search in Italy

Job search in Italy

Job bank with local job openings - apply online with just a few clicks.

Technology News



Baidu's Kunlun Xin is not just focused on AI.

China's Baidu has recently announced "ERNIE Bot", an AI product that uses the second generation Kunlun AI chips. Baidu is not only focusing on AI chip design, but also on autonomous driving with Kunlun chips.

AI Algorithm Returns Color to Black and White Films

The new integrated software application combines interactive coloring and deep learning technology. The software can automatically generate black-and-white movies from color.

Cybersecurity experts are rare in mid-sized businesses

According to a Huntress report, 99% of all businesses in the United States and Canada are medium-sized businesses that face cybersecurity challenges.

How AI could change the world more than electricity and the Internet

Observers believe that the rise of artificial general intelligence, now considered inevitable in Silicon Valley, will bring about change that is "orders and magnitudes" greater than any other world event.

Making the digital world safer

Contestants will gather at Pwn2Own Vancouver on March 22-24, 2023 to show their skills and discover vulnerabilities.

Rotation detection is now possible with 3D-printed sensors

Engineers at MIT have developed a new method to 3D-print sensors that can detect the speed, rotation angle, and direction of mechanical joints.

With Copilot

Microsoft loves the idea of a virtual assistant for office. Clippy?

Twitter will begin charging users for two-factor authentication starting today. Learn How to Secure Your Account

You can switch from text/SMS2FA to more secure options if you're not interested in Twitter Blue or you fear losing your account.

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman warns other A. I. ChatGPT-like tools developers won't place safety limits - and the clock is ticking

Altman warned that society "has a limited amount time to figure out how we should react to that" in a new interview.

NASA to explore Quantum Tech, 3D printing for climate and satellite research

NASA will launch two Space Technology Research Institutes to develop crucial technology for engineering, and climate research.

Job search in Italy

Job search in Italy

Job bank with local job openings - apply online with just a few clicks.

Sport News



Deion Sanders offers an alternative view on why he left Jackson State football to go to Colorado

Deion Sanders, former Jackson State coach, explains why he left Jackson State football for Colorado. The spring football game has sold out and is on TV

After the Rugby World Cup, Ian Foster will be succeeded by Scott Robertson as All Blacks coach.

Crusaders coach to assume charge on a four-year contract. 'We believe he's the right person,’ says NZR CEO. New Zealand Rugby has appointed Scott Robertson as Ian Foster’s successor. The 48-year old will take over the All Black...

Top 10 highest scores at the World Test Championship

We are drawing to a close the league stage of ICC World Test Championship 2021-223. Let's take a look at the highest scoring batters in this tournament.

Edwards Calls for Masvidal Fight: "There's a Storyline There"

Edwards would like to fight Masvidal if Gilbert Burns is defeated at UFC 287. He is being asked by the UFC to fight Colby Covington. Who will he fight?

Protesters gather outside Cuba-USA WBC semifinal

Protesters gathered in large numbers outside Team Cuba's World Baseball Classic semifinal. This was the first time Cuba's national team had visited Miami in over 60 years.

Cuba's semifinal position at the World Baseball Classic only increases the event's visibility

The WBC is about baseball and not politics. And the baseball has been excellent. Although the tournament isn’t perfect, it has become a worthy event that diverts attention from hockey and basketball.

Bulls Make An Obvious Decision on Patrick Beverley's Future With The Team

Patrick Beverley will be a free agent at season's end, but the Chicago Bulls may already have seen enough of his impact on the team for them to want him on their roster next season.

Missouri baseball sweeps No.2 Tennessee in Sunday doubleheader

After Mizzou baseball beat No. Steve Bieser, 2 Tennessee Mizzou coach, had one question. Anyone who was following the Tigers' first SEC championship serenade knew that Bieser's first words were full of joy.

WATCH: Fairleigh Dickinson is disrespected by Florida Atlantic in the final seconds of Round 32 matchup

Tobin Anderson had to postgame apologize to Dusty May for his player's late behavior in FAU's win over Fairleigh Dickinson.

Bukayo Saka and Arsenal show title-winning confidence

Although Patrick Viera was not there, Arsenal displayed again the same assertive run in performance that typified his title victories as a player. This might make this race even more interesting as the leaders are getting better at this.

Job search in Italy

Job search in Italy

Job bank with local job openings - apply online with just a few clicks.